Join me here as I seek out contentment and joy as an artist, writer, photographer, mother, walker, reader, baker of cakes, dog lover, bike rider, piano teacher, rock collector, and pickleball player. I’m pretty sure I am other things, too, but I think I’ve covered the main ones. It’s true that I have many interests and loves and I am happy to share. I hope that my random thoughts, creative pursuits, pictures and whatnot will touch your heart in some way, encourage you to find the little pleasures that make life meaningful, and lift you up a little when you need that.

In these humble pages I hope to share with you the ups and downs of living a creative life and maybe along the way offer you the encouragement to seek out your own fully realized life, in whatever shape that may take.  I’ll share my thoughts and struggles, poetry, art, photography, diversions, dreams and aspirations, small contentments, and maybe even a little song and dance (not really).