I am a self-taught artist and writer.  I have a small greeting card and art business called Ampersand Cards that I founded in 1998.  I love to write.  My cards and most of my art carry my verses, allowing me to make a little money from writing and that is a wonderful thing.  Most writers, as my friend up the block says, don’t make any money at all.  So I am very grateful.

I have been taking my cards and art around to shows and festivals for the last 22 years, selling to people like you, meeting lots of fascinating artists and keeping body and soul together.  That, too, is a wonderful thing.  I’ve been able to realize the dream of publishing a book (two) and finding an audience.  I’ve cracked into the world of wholesale, so that people in other towns all over the U.S. can browse through a rack of cards and find mine.

Often, at shows, people have said that I write what they think but cannot put into words. Women say that if I lived in their town we would be best friends.  One even said, “You should rent yourself out as Every Woman’s Best Friend!”  Once, a woman who was browsing through my cards asked, “Do you write all of this?”  “Yes,” I said.  “Wow!” she replied.  “You are much deeper than you look!”  I had to laugh, of course.  I was wearing a short polka-dotted skirt, tights, heavy black lace-up boots, a bright pink shirt and a little fake leather jacket.  She may have thought that I mostly cared about clothes.  But later she said, “No, you look like you’d be fun to hang out with–but then you write all this.”

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I like your About! leave it. It’s poetic.
    love the blog look and all
    you’re somethin else, girl

  2. Pat’s channelling M.O.! You’d better let T know.

    Love your poems, Kay. Love you.

  3. I loved your Aug 6th poem, Kay. And I like your comment about ABOUT, also. And I love your beautiful photograph border/banner. xxxooos ei

  4. I just discovered your site, and it’s wonderful! The world definitely needs more poetry. And redbuds. Congrats!

  5. Thank you, Ann! I’ve been writing them since December 14, 2010 and posting them here since sometime last July. Glad you like it!

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