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August 8, 2011

My eyes must close, they must.
Which is to say they desire to ever so
though it is morning and all the world spreads
itself green and blue before us my two eyes 
and me outside of this house perfectly poised
for viewing hoping to be observed loving
to see and be seen anticipating the inevitable
elucidation of its graceful self by me for Others.  
And it will be delightful, that fact is
already known the viewing will be a delight.
But aware of all this and having had 
my eye sockets lovingly licked and fussed
over by my black dog just earlier here
in my bed, in fact on this pillow, nonetheless
I can in all honesty say that these two eyes 
of mine want persistently perhaps I might 
even say fervently to close to shut 
out the light and the glorious real 
world in favor of the gentle chaos 
of sleep and dreams.

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