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September 9, 2011

Do they ever wonder, the birds, why
the blue jay for example has only its
piercing harsh shout while the cardinal
has so many lovely things to say?
Do they ever think to themselves
Would you please be quiet?
out there in the trees in the world
of branches and leaves and sky 
and watchfulness and survival?  
Be quiet–I cannot hear myself think!
And the blue jays themselves, do they ever
wish they could sing a pretty tune, warble
even just a little, softly coo and murmur, 
call out this way and that?
I just wonder.
I suppose that what sets the other creatures
apart from us might be their utter
knowledge that how things are is 
how they should be while we struggle 
on and on with desire ambition wish and want.  
The want of things other than how they are.

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