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October 8, 2011

Quiet Saturday morning 
and I have met obligations
fulfilled the wishes of Others
kept up my end of a few bargains
relieved my mind of several burdens.
Others stand in line of course and always
but I feel freer today to traipse and wander
while meeting the expectations of my own spirit
that obligation of honoring the world and its creatures.
The dying leaves, falling walnuts, the turkey vultures
and the migrating geese, the rippling water of the creek,
this cloudless sky, the waving cottonwood leaves, even
the dry autumn air that has been given to us this season,
warm in the day, crisp and cool at night, lulling me and All
into the idea that this–this time of perfectly luscious days–is
our birthright, Just The Way It Is And Will Be Forevermore
simply because we, somehow, having done nothing, deserve it.

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