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October 18, 2011

We took a trail my dogs and I to a spot I’ve rarely been
and walking along oh yes it’s fine cedar trees and this and that.
And then.  We came into a maple grove the leaves a mix 
of fading green and autumn yellow, a bit of red.
Of themselves quite enough to delight
but in addition, too, as well, a wondrous 
understory of pawpaws mostly yellow
their long leaves big generous paddles 
draped over their stems and making
to my eye at least so many jaunty umbrellas
planted there in the ground amongst the many
fallen fall leaves spread below, the effect
of which was utterly (I can use no other word)
I shake my head and wonder just what 
I’ve done to deserve all of the treats and feasts 
laid before me and hope that whatever it is 
I keep on doing right. 

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