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Twenty Twelve

A year ends another begins
and I am reluctant a bit sad
to see this one go loving odd
numbers as I do and in addition
eleven seeming a magical number
a prime and hinting at infinity.
Twelve, a dozen, I suppose has
merit insofar as being sturdy
ordered common a dozen of 
these two dozen of those please
half a dozen of that will do
six of one half a dozen of the other
the clock strikes twelve
noon twelve midnight

twelve apostles twelve months
in a year both this one and the next
oh I’ll learn to love it for itself
Im sure, its reliable balanced
sturdy well-ordered protean self.  

4 thoughts on “Twenty Twelve

  1. I am 12.

  2. Haha! I do not think of you as 12, Lyn! Certainly not back in high school, although I can imagine that you most likely do possess the characteristics of balanced, reliable, protean.

  3. I feel so mute compared to your wonderful creativity and expressiveness!

  4. Ohh, not mute! Wonderful in your own way!

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