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I love the number twenty-seven possibly

because I was born on the 27th day of

August and I love my own birthday and

others’ as well and parties celebrations

anniversaries occasions of all kinds and

I am baffled and displeased by those who

say It’s just another day as if their own

or anyone else’s birth were inconsequential

somehow irrelevant to the fact that here

they are here we are here she is and he is

alive breathing living in the world affecting

others changing the course of things possibly

creating more life, as if to say So what? as if

to suggest that the minutest thises and thats

that occurred at the precise time to create

the exact you that was born on a given day are

nothing of consequence nothing at all and

all of it is nothing at all at least nothing to

be remarked upon acknowledged or even noticed.

Well, I am against it.

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