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Lace curtains billow like sails

in the cool morning breeze

with bluejays for gulls

hanging overhead and I

am the captain of this boat

that is my bed with two

stout fellows, one

fierce the other lazy.

Me hearties!

Soon we shall spy land

a not too distant shore

where we shall disembark

to go in search of

mushrooms and wildflowers

carrion and enemies (to each

his and her own mischief).

Tonight we shall board this ship

again in readiness for

tomorrow’s expedition.

2 thoughts on “Ship

  1. Love it.

  2. Thanks, Michele! It was fun to write. I know you at least will not tire of the dog-themed poems. Speaking of, I think you need to get Bertie a companion. Two dogs are much more than twice as much fun as one–I found out rather late in life.

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