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Searching for a Book

What of a book that might suit my fancy

where is it and/or how can I find it

does anyone know, anyone at all?

One and one again goes rejected by me

of late for one very good reason or another.

Insipid. Jarringly violent. Too terribly sad.

I read Insipid for over one hundred pages

in the naive hope that this bland new lover

might after all become The One.  But no.

Two incidents only (which if only could

be erased from my brain, rotting dead

things plucked from my flower garden

and given a decent burial) led me to cast off

Jarringly Violent though the writing is

entertaining, clever, stunning in places

and the female protagonist brave.

Terribly Sad might have a chance

though I wonder why. Why must I

love characters through the curtain

of abuse heaped upon them by All

in their sad sad fictitious lives?

So I search for another golden book

to add to my (long) list of beloveds.

I am really not so horribly hard to please.

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