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Ways of the World

One might say strictly by accident

but is it really? is any of it not instead

merely the result of choices made

directions taken

knowledges acquired

preferences formed

or even still as some (not I)

like to say meant to be as if

each small thing the stubbing of a toe

the finding of a familiar face at the

Salvation Army Thrift Store

the turning left rather than right

are all somehow ordained, fated

therefore feted as some kind of

Perfect Order putting each of us

squarely where we belong at any given moment?

There are no accidents some (not I) will say

so certain so serious so firm but I believe

I will leave room for chaos chance choice

even courtesies of the divine in my makeshift

cosmology of the bittersweet ways of this world.

2 thoughts on “Ways of the World

  1. Kay – very poignant the June 21 entry. Perhaps that took place the times our paths have crossed – at any rate good to see your cards at Renaissance Books this past week.
    Pleased I don’t have to wait until another Walnut Street Art Festival to find them.
    Also from my copy of Merrythoughts, the metaphors of doors piece which closed
    with a reference to Parker Palmer – another one of my favorite people.
    Jigs and fun, Judith

  2. Thanks so much for all of it, Judith!

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