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Ah! just in time and not a second too soon

not a moment to lose and just in the nick

by the literal scruff of the neck the poison’s

applied to kill the army of ticks that latch

(oh the jaws that bite the claws that catch!)

onto my dogs and yes oh yes it’s true

I cannot deny it me, two-legged me, as well.

Och!  I live this summer in paranoia

worried I might be out and about fine dining

nicely dressed clean coiffed made up

suddenly feeling the creepy crawling

on a leg an arm or worst of worst my face!

I’ve heard such stories, known of such things

and oh how easily it could happen in this hot

hot summer following a too warm winter

no harsh conditions to lay the beasts low

and me lacking the heart to ban my

darlings from my bed oh it could it could.

And after all, you know what they say,

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t

mean they’re not out to get you.

They are no phantasm and out to get me

they certainly are.  They are.

4 thoughts on “Ticks

  1. Creepy, KayFoley!! (I almost forgot the comma!)

  2. Yes and I wonder if I should really have posted it at all. Not a very lofty topic for a poem. But it’s REAL.

  3. I’m glad you posted it!! It made me smile! (I also put the Frontline on and hope that the good is worth any toxic effect.)

  4. Oh, I know. I just have to put that out of my mind. I did use it on my old dog who lived to be 18.5 years old . . . And anyway, I’m sure that the creek my dogs get into and drink out of is full of pesticides and toxic stuff, too.

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