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Finding Out

Still and dark with only crickets for conversation

a pink pocket of light appears above the trees.

So something is happening after all.

Now comes another pink ribbon drawn

through the blue dress of sky followed by

another and another and the lightening.

Lovely dawn making its slow, inimitable way

into the town and across my windows.

Comes another day.  Holding what?

Holding what for us in its open palms?

We shall leave this room, my dogs and I,

and find out.

3 thoughts on “Finding Out

  1. remember Homer and his “rosy fingers of dawn?” I like your “pink pockets of light” and blue dress of sky”.

  2. That sounds familiar but I (as you know) did not pay very good attention in any classes in high school. It does, though, sound familiar. And thank you!

  3. Latin class,
    the Iliad or the Odyssey

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