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Turn of the Season

The landscape has changed overnight or

was I simply not seeing, the day before?

Poison ivy is turning red along with

the leaves of a tree whose name I do not know.

Yellow blooms in the fields and across the woods,

tufts and patches suddenly brighten the crowded trees.

Leaves litter the paths now, brown, red, ochre, yellow.

How did this come about so suddenly?

What I once took for normal is no more

and though nature’s face will once again

be fresh and new bursting with Spring’s youth,

my own slides slowly towards old age,

renewals of spirit my only possibility

and only if I’m lucky.

2 thoughts on “Turn of the Season

  1. I read this to Diane and she said, yes, “. I love fall but sometimes it makes me feel not exactly sad, but it is kind of like elegy.”

  2. Hmm. I know what she means, but I do not get the melancholy, even a little bit, of fall, as many do. I do so love it and don’t mind looking ahead to winter, as it is my down time.

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