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September 21, 2011

Suddenly appearing now in the dewy meadows are 
tightly woven spider’s webs stretched across the grass
in thick white patches to make tiny sparkly circus tents
for whomever frolics beneath.  At least, that is,
they appear to be spider’s webs though I never see
a spider and cannot guess who or why only now
in autumn and why smack out on top of the grass where
any old body might come walking along and wreck 
them pouf in an instant!  I do like that I only see them 
of a morning in the fall, that they appear now and only now 
and I, loving of presents and gifts, may receive them 
only now, as if it might be Christmas or my birthday and I 
do like that they are short-lived and you have 
to be of a certain type in order to notice them
which makes them, like the wildflowers, special,
as well as the one who notices.

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