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November 8, 2011

The things I want are simple really.
A cozy house that does not leak and
is not fallingdownbroken.
Well, and a ferris wheel in my backyard.
A treehouse big enough to sleep in.
And while we’re at it a small carousel
with colorfully painted horses, zebras,
tigers and elephants to ride on.
A gazebo hung with netting and sparkly
lights for dinner parties and such.
A green boat in a blue-roofed boathouse
on a lake that wanders on
around and back again.
A widow’s walk on top of my house
where I can sit of an evening watching
the stars pop out.  Or of a morning 
with a cup of tea, pen, some paper.
And have I mentioned a swing?
One has to have a swing strung with
ribbons there in such a yard.
Oh I don’t want much.  Not really.
A cozy house that doesn’t leak 
really would be quite enough. 
In case anyone’s listening.


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  1. smiling!

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