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December 15, 2011

A gaggle of laughing girls gathered
around a Salvation Army kettle ringing
bells in their pink and yellow sweaters
bobbing poufy yarn balls at the ends 
of their colorful knitted hats.
Innocent girls who know nothing 
of the troubles of those Others
for whom the bells are rung.
Happy little girls having a jolly time
on the sidewalk of a fancy street
its shops prettily lit with Christmas lights
and cheerful banners urging All to buy.
Good for those girls, I say.
Let them be innocent and gay
as children everywhere should be.
Let them stay warm in their sweaters
have bowls of hot soup and cookies too
as all children should if only all could.
Let them grow up strong enough 
to gather the others into their arms one day
wrap them up in warm clothing 
keep them safe, feed them soup.
And cookies.

2 thoughts on “December 15, 2011

  1. lovely and a wonderful christmas wish!

  2. Thanks, Lyn! I was in Kansas City for the day, on the Plaza, and I took those girls’ photo. They were having a grand time being the bell ringers. My more serious thoughts came once I started writing the poem.

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