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Barred Owl

I had not seen one in a long time though

I always check that particular bend

in the creek up in that big tree knowing

very well no one likes to be caught offguard.

Today my dog saw it first on the ground

and raced forward.  Only then did I notice

a large barred owl rising into the air

and landing in a tree not so very far off.

We had a staring contest, I through my

binoculars, he with his superior vision

and when I took a step forward he

took off again, clutching a prize in his claws.

We had interrupted the morning hunt.

I always marvel that I am so enchanted

by these sightings while they must wish

never to see me again.

3 thoughts on “Barred Owl

  1. I love moments like that!!

  2. A Barred Owl! You hadn’t said! You are blessed, Kathy. I love the last three lines.


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