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Life of a Creek

God or Nature has given us

a cloudy wet morning and I

will take that happily today

I’ll take it all happily even

the painful catch in my neck

the awful smells of my two dogs

the ache in my elbow

the roof that persistently leaks

for whatever reason I cannot know

for I have climbed over a hump

a hillock really that once seemed

a cliff with only a jumping-off

place on the other side

climbed over it to find of all things

bluebells! violets purple and white

(and even yellow) two box turtles

one large one half grown

a flutter of chickadees

a merry creek rolling on and on

never giving up never saying

Oh I have so had it with these rocks

this fallen tree that bend those two ducks!

but going on as a creek will do

just because that is what

a creek will do and so

if you please

will I.

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