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This Moment

This time this moment this now

of deluxe wild blissful contentment

I can put down to nothing in particular:

the unquestionable isness of it

the unabashed mmmm of it humming

warmly in my festooned heart

waltzing its way down to my toes

jiving up and out to the ends

of each grey and brown hair

on my one and only head

not to mention along the way

sparking up a plethora

of sweet little cells pockets

molecules neurons and protons

all smooshed delicately together

through choo-choo train tunnels of

veins and arteries carrying all

manner of whatnot to where

it once and for all belongs

smack dab squarely

in this luscious time

this delightful moment

this yummy




4 thoughts on “This Moment

  1. saintly for sure!

  2. Really? Saintly?

  3. Real saints had very blissful experiences and lived very much in the now and experienced god and oneness very physically.

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