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A Wish For You

My wish for you is this:

a long held dream fulfilled

having been elucidated limned sung

the notes of it finely tuned

the colors mixed just so

your heart having known it

so deeply and for so long

dancing within you in

sheer ineluctable joy.


5 thoughts on “A Wish For You

  1. Wow! You had me heading to the dictionary with this one! “Limned” – what a great word! So you brought beauty and education with this poem. (And, the sentiment back atcha, KayFoley!)

  2. Thanks, Shari! And I’ll tell you about that word. I found a great new site, It takes you through a series of challenges, testing your vocabulary and letting you master words, keep a list, and keep track of your progress. I am somewhat addicted! Some words, like “limn,” I thought I knew the meaning of and was found wrong. So that’s fun, too. There’s more education for you. You could spend hours there (as I have).

  3. I will most definitely check out that site!

  4. Hi Kay! Glad to have found your blog. Is there a subscribe or follow button? i don’t see one.

  5. Hi, Janet! I don’t know! If there is, I don’t know where it is. I’ll have to check on that.

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