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Found a buckeye in the woods right at the toe of my boot

and I liked to think that it was lucky, auspicious, held

some meaning, though I could not now say what

and a small amount of research yields nothing along those lines.

Of course they are pretty, smoothly soothing in the hand.

Forever searching for signs and significance without

any very firm beliefs beyond my own amorphous ideas,

I’ve placed the buckeye next to my small Ganesh

and three special rocks on my desk.

I do not believe in Heaven and Hell or the devil

though I like to think there might be angels.

I do believe that some part of us goes on again

and again coming back to take another fleshly body

out for a spin, figuring out something new or important.

I do not believe that everything happens for a reason

or that there are no mistakes.  Really?  Everything?  And none?

I do not believe God doesn’t give me anything I cannot handle

i.e., God hands out difficulty and pain as if to say

This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.

I do believe in God.  I believe in miracles

small significances, luck and the power of belief.

I believe I can impart my own meanings to the

finding of a buckeye, the spotting of the great blue heron,

the shape of the moon, a chance encounter with a

red fox, a person from my past, a shooting star.

And so I will continue to keep my eyes wide open

as I travel through the world.  Just in case of some

something of importance that might materialize

somewhere.  Anywhere.

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