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The Ephemeral Nature of Nature

The first day of summer, our summer solstice, put me into a mood about how very quickly everything in nature passes through and on. All through the spring I was recording the time of sunrise in a small book I’m keeping on my woodland rambles. DSC08572I so enjoyed seeing the earlier and earlier time, felt a little thrill at each new entry. 6:43 on the last day of February (Leap Day this year), and then disappointingly, by mid-March, back to 7:23 with the switch to Daylight Savings Time. Oh, the slings and arrows! But then earlier and earlier, so that by June 20, the sun was rising at 5:43. Lovely! DSC09146Somehow I had not thought ahead to things moving in the opposite direction. So on the longest day of the year I was feeling a bit moody about the falling away.


In the woods and really everywhere, things bloom with such verve, new things popping up all the time. IMG_5166While it’s fun to see them come, it’s always a bit hard to have them go. And I know that if these ones didn’t go there mightn’t be room for others–or the time for the others might never come. Everything in nature has its time. DSC09336Still, it’s much easier to breathe a sigh of relief that the ice storm is over or the temps have finally dropped from the high 90s to the low 80s than it is to watch a thing that you love fall away. And sure, I’m grateful that those couple of difficult years have gone and I’m so much happier now. I’m glad the coyote is no longer dogging us in the woods and I’m happy for this steady fall of rain soaking the earth today.DSC09934


Time does zoom along without checking in with us. I grow older, my sons are far older than I ever imagined them being, my lively little dog suddenly has arthritis troubling him and I can do nothing at all about any of it. The days are growing shorter without my permission. DSC09945Even though I am someone who enjoys all of the seasons, this summer, probably because it’s a happy time of contentment for me this particular year, is moving along too quickly. Nothing for me to do but observe the changes, enjoy the new sights and sounds as they come, pick the ripening blackberries, savor the tomatoes and corn showing up at the Farmer’s Market, and fill up each day with whatever’s available. And I’ll allow myself a little mood over the ephemeral nature of nature. After all, I know the mood will pass.

5 thoughts on “The Ephemeral Nature of Nature

  1. Beautifully said!! I too keep telling myself, this too shall pass! Thank you for your eloquent post!! XOXO

  2. Thank you very much, Del! I’m glad it spoke to you.

  3. Wonderful post! And I’m glad to hear things have gone in a good direction.

  4. Yes, they have. Thanks, Scott!

  5. Just reading this now for some reason, KayFoley, but loving it!! I guess it’s why everyone, everywhere tells us to live in the moment! I’m really trying to be better at that!(I have always, and always will enjoy reading what you have to say about nature…and dogs!)

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