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Natural Events

Fog covers the town

or so I’m told

by those who tell.

Another natural event

that enlivens my heart

like the gathering of starlings

and the whoosh of them going,

the V of geese flying over

announcing themselves noisily.

Sunrise, sunset, the turn of the leaves.

The call of the elusive Kingfisher

and the cry of the hawk.

All of these simple miracles

tell me a secret I already knew

but love to be told again and again:

this life is a Russian doll

nested with gifts inside gifts

down to the tiniest prize

of the wren calling 

Good Morning! 

to anyone who will listen.

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Fog covers the town this morning

a not usual thing for us and thus notable.

But what shall I do with that fact besides

note it, write it down, perhaps make a poem

of the moodiness, the hiddenness, the mystery?

Love it, I suppose.  Just love it along with each

other turn of nature: the pour of rain, the fall

of snow, the sprinkling of stars, the beams of sun.

All worth noting, all worthy of love.